Dear Sapiens,

This is not the planet in which any of my ancestors or I was born.

It doesn’t look anymore the same again.

For the last couple of weeks, everything had turned weird.

And I mean everything!

A whole lot of things and people have gone missing.

People are missing from a crowded place.

Pollutants are missing from the air.

Persistent noise is missing from the neighborhood.

People are missing in the parks.

Pile of garbage is missing from the neighborhood corner.




For some weird reason, humans have decided to stay home.

Even a very few of them who are venturing outside is covering their face with a mask.

Must be some stench that we birds can’t smell.

As a species, we are feeling blessed to have this uninterrupted access to nature and its abundant resources.

That’s why you wouldn’t find a lot many of us paying a visit these days to your tiny little windows in search of food and water.

We are happy to build our nest amidst the beautiful nature rather than the inaccessible corners of your buildings.

We are not intellectually endowed like you to buy the Cr** that to be happy; you always have to strive for something else, you have to do better, you have to be like someone else.

We are happy being ourselves.

Sincerely speaking, we are quite scared of the self-destructive behavior of your species.

You, as a species, have so much of the potential to be more than what you are today.

Yet you choose to remain selfish to the core.

You get angry when you don’t want to; you eat even when you are full, you goof up even with all the right intentions.

You cheat, you lie, you deceive, you put on a smile trying to impress others.

I know, I should be the last one to tell that

You have everything within you to rise above your limited existence and realise the infinity of your potential — to shape your selfish existence into an extraordinary one.

Not just for yourself but for every species that’s occupying a little space on this planet.

Thanks a lot, for giving me a patient hearing.

Your morning alarm clock

Sweet little sparrow


Piyush Kamal

Ex IRS, Co-Founder & President at Hooman | Thinker | Autodidact | Speaker | Coach | Writer

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